Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.

Performa Wheels are the market’s most superior soft tread wheel. Competitors from around the world have attempted to copy this innovative and unique wheel since  its release in 1993. Performa is the original, and it’s manufactured right here in the USA in more sizes and treads than ever before.








Why Choose Performa?

  • Easy rolling and turning – for ergonomic advantages
  • Quiet rolling, impact resistant, and very floor protective
  • Absorbs shock to help protect equipment
  • Maximum weather-ability and resistance to chemicals, water, and steam
  • USA-Made for fast lead times and the highest quality
  • Rejects floor debris, such as metal shavings, for long service life



Performa Rubber

Colson Performa Wheel Flat Grey Tread with Capacity to 675 pounds
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Performa Conductive

Colson Performa Conductive Wheel Round Grey Tread with capacity to 500 pounds
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Performa Hand Truck

Colson Performa Hand Truck Wheel Round Tread with capacity to 350 pounds
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Explore Series with Performa Wheels

1 Series Top Plate  Threaded Stem Grip Ring Stem Wood Furniture Stem
  Expanding Adapter Square Stem
 2 Series Top Plate Threaded Stem Grip Ring Stem Expanding Adapter
  Modular Stem Square Stem Pipe Thread Stem
 2 Series Stainless Top Plate  Precision
 3 Series Top Plate Square or Round Stem
 4 Series 2″ Wide Wheel 1-1/2″ Wide Wheel Stainless 2″ Wide Wheel  Kingpinless Enforcer
 6 Series Top Plate Kingpinless Enforcer Evolution Maintenance-Free
 7 Series Kingpinless Enforcer
 8 Series Kingpinless Enforcer