Buy USA Made 4 Series Caster forks from Colson Caster!                                                                            

Colson 4 Series Made in USA. For over 125 years, Colson Caster has offered the material handling  industry’s most quality and innovative caster products. But, did you know that many Colson products are manufactured right here in the USA? Colson’s most popular products, including 4 Series caster forks, Trans forma wheels, Performa wheels and much more are manufactured in Colson Caster's Arkansas facilities. 

Colson remains committed to keeping as much manufacturing local as possible, which helps us guard quality and provide flexible and rapid reaction to all levels of order volume for the most popular caster products.  Colson is very proud of the U.S. manufacturing capabilities it maintains and welcomes the opportunity to expand manufacturing as the global caster and wheel market continues to change.  Check out the Made In USA campaign press release for additional info.

Colson Caster's 4 Series top plate swivel and rigid caster forks withstand capacities up to 1,250 lbs each. These proven 2" wide kingpin 4 Series caster forks are perfect for various material handling and other medium duty applications, including dollies, platform trucks, industrial and commercial carts of all kinds and much more.  With over 33,000 fork, wheel, brake, swivel lock and bearing assembly combinations available in the 4 Series line, one of them is sure to add the value you demand for your application! Click here for Colson Made in USA flyer for 4 Series forks. 

Why Buy Made in the USA 4 Series Caster Forks from Colson Caster?

  • QUALITY:  start with U.S. manufacturing quality for longer lasting mobility and reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • DELIVERY:  domestic and in-house manufacturing provides the fastest and most flexible reaction to all order volumes
  • TRUST:  product consistency, on time delivery and a 3 year warranty from the most trusted brand in casters and wheels 


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